Part Of The Echoes - Transparent 7" - (KMRLP017)

Image of Part Of The Echoes - Transparent 7" - (KMRLP017)


Embers have announced details of the release of their new single, “Part Of The Echoes”. Released as a limited edition 7” through Killing Moon on Monday 8th July 2013, it features the B-side Digital Daze.

The single can be heard here:


"When writing Part Of The Echoes we wanted it to be a cacophony of noise. We wanted to create a mini symphony in a song, for it to be an unrelenting swell of melody driven forward by crescendo after crescendo. The song’s about feeling powerless and victimised by circumstances that aren’t your own. It’s about the seething pressure of uncertainty. About the inevitable slip of opportunities that will never be presented. It’s about feeling like you’re part of the echoes and knowing you’ll never be heard" – Embers May 2013.